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​Staff Augmentation (across all our core services)

  • Access to subject matter experts in the Financial Services domain from business operations expertise to technical configuration experts with a broad experience around the world’s largest financial services providers.

  • Harnessing our partner capabilities to deliver value to our customers is central to bringing alive our open banking orchestration vision.

A Quality Assurance Hub (Based in our Makati, Philippines office)

  • Near shore centre of excellence grounded around world class capabilities and technologies such as Selenium, Robot, Python, Micro Focus Quality centre, Unified Functional Testing and Load Runner (for performance and NFT’s).

  • With the world moving to platform automating and assessing the impact of change and validating against customer requirements is quintessential to delivering on our open banking vision.

An Engineering community of practice

  • Modern capabilities around continuous deployment, continuous improvement with a focus on low touch high automation capabilities. Linked to our view of software as a service and platform lets us design and automate your operational requirements

  • Full stack capabilities with focus on the build out of our integration capability linked to our desire to be an open banking orchestrator.

  • Utilizing JAVA as our core programming language with deep experience in the production of microservices, open restful API’s and modern authentication standards such as Open ID Connect.

Project management

Project managers and delivery leads to help plan, execute on or construct business cases or technology roadmaps.  



Our core services we provide to our clients are:

  • IT recruitment and talent solutions services

  • Functional and technical financial services consultancy

  • Automation and quality engineering

  • Software engineering

  • Project management

Image by Emile Perron


Service Packages

Fixed price delivery bids

We take on delivery risk and ensure customer outcomes, especially in the quality and integration spaces, where we provide and have executed for global brands.

Managed services deliveries & subscriptions

  • Technical operational management of your solutions and platform.

  • Software as a service offering: we host, deploy, monitor, validate, integrate and maintain your software working with our partner software (and capabilities).

  • End to end service management capabilities, focussing on Level 1 to 2 support services with Level 3 remaining with our partners and or customer development centres.

Graduate recruitment

We have established several guided recruitment pathways for graduates from both a business and technical domain linked to our partner capabilities. Let us work with you to deliver work ready cohorts across a 3 month to 2-year journey dependent on need and engagement style.

Contracting to permanent recruitment

  • Option to convert key resources with a proven performance record as your overall requirements are solidified; Post 24 months of continued engagement this offering is provided at a 0-cost conversion option where terms agreed prior to commencement of engagement.

  • Build your culture and evolve your strategy as needed.

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